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Rosacea Treatment

If you’re among the 14 million people in the United States who deal with rosacea, you want relief from the ruddiness, bumps, and discomfort of the skin condition. Jason Tate, MD, brings his expertise to treating your rosacea. He offers laser treatments to help you manage this chronic condition. To learn more about rosacea and its management, call his office to book an appointment.

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Rosacea Treatment Q & A

What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that’s characterized by redness in your complexion and visible blood vessels on your face. You tend to get flare-ups of rosacea, so the symptoms come and go. Sometimes you may mistake rosacea for an allergy or acne. Unfortunately, rosacea can’t be cured, but the symptoms can be managed.

What are the symptoms that suggest rosacea?

Rosacea can strike anyone. Although it is most common in women, it tends to be more severe in the men who are affected. People with fair complexions get rosacea more often than those with darker complexions.


You may notice it begins with a tendency to flush or blush more easily than other people. The redness often begins on your nose or cheeks, but with time, can also include your forehead and chin, potentially even affecting your ears, back, and chest.


The symptoms of rosacea include:

  • Facial redness, usually in the center of your face
  • Swollen red bumps containing pus
  • Eye dryness, irritation, and swollen eyelids
  • Visible blood vessels on your cheeks and nose
  • Enlarged, bulbous nose (usually shows up in men with rosacea)
  • Large pores and a rough skin texture

Your skin may feel inflamed and sensitive, and it can sting and burn. Rosacea can affect your overall quality of life, and you may feel self-conscious, embarrassed, or worried about rosacea.

What causes rosacea?

Rosacea seems to be a matter of family history and is not contagious. You may find your symptoms are aggravated by certain foods, alcohol, exercise, and weather extremes. Dr. Tate can help you find out your triggers and avoid them. He’ll also advise you to avoid direct sun exposure, which can trigger a flare-up of rosacea.

How is rosacea treated?

Rosacea has no cure and treatment with creams and medicines can be disappointing and expensive. Dr. Tate can help you manage your symptoms successfully. The light pulses treat flare-ups, reduce visible blood vessels, even skin tone, and minimize redness and the bulbous appearance to the nose. Icon treatments are quick, effective, and easily adjusted to your specific needs.

How much does Rosacea treatment cost?

$350 per treatment | $800 for 3 treatments


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