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Stop Hiding Behind Your Acne Scars: Icon Laser Can Help You Feel More Like Yourself Again

Embarrassment from acne doesn’t necessarily stop once you no longer see pimples. Acne scars are often just as bad as the acne itself and can be difficult to remove. Luckily, there are now ways to truly leave your acne in the past.

Acne is the most common skin condition in the United States.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, about 50 million Americans suffer from acne every year. Although acne can continue well into adulthood, most people outgrow acne as their body matures. Despite this, acne often leaves behind scars that can be a constant, embarrassing reminder of your younger days.

Luckily, you don’t have to live with acne scars forever. Just as acne treatment has improved by leaps and bounds, so has acne scar treatment.

At the forefront of acne scar correction is the Icon™ Aesthetic Treatment, which uses lasers to eliminate scar tissue and promote healthy skin growth. Icon™ could help you wave goodbye to your acne scars.

Dr. Jason Tate and his team will work with you to create a custom plan for your skin. With years of experience in aesthetic and acne care, Dr. Tate has the skills and knowledge to help you achieve the clear skin you’ve always wanted.

What causes acne scars?

The American Society of Dermatologic Surgery states that acne scars are the result of inflamed blemishes caused by skin pores engorged with excess oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria.

As the pore swells, a break or lesion can occur to reduce inflammation. When this happens on the surface level, the lesions are usually minor and heal quickly. Lesions that occur deeper within the pore let infected material into the surrounding tissue, causing more damage.

Your body heals this damage on its own with collagen fiber, but sometimes the body produces too little collagen. Because of this, acne scars appear depressed and ravine-like. The new skin isn’t as smooth or flawless as the original skin. The lesions in the pore heal but leave pockmarked skin in their wake.

How does Icon™ treat acne scars?

Icon™ uses fractional laser technology to cause small injuries that break down scarred skin. In response, your body sends new, healthy cells and fresh collagen to the injured area. These new cells and collagen help erase scars in two ways. Collagen fills in the depression left in the skin. Then, the new tissue created by the cells reduces the irregular pigment that makes scars so noticeable.

Does Icon™ work for everyone?

This treatment is best for scars that are moderately deep or slightly rolling; the cells and collagen can only do so much. Dr. Tate will work with you to determine if Icon™ will work for your scars.

While each treatment course will vary, most patients undergo three to seven treatments. How many treatments you will need depends on the severity of the scarring and your body’s response to the treatment itself.

Icon™ treatments are non-invasive. You may have some redness and mild swelling after a treatment, but you’ll be able to go about your everyday activities immediately afterward. Icon™ lasers don’t discriminate, either. Unlike many light-based treatments that work best for light skin, the lasers used in Icon™ work for any skin type.

Most patients report improvements in appearance, healthier skin, and enhanced self-esteem. You don’t have to live with acne scars. To see if this treatment will work for you, contact our Taneytown office today.